Friday, December 10, 2010

Flower & Pearl

Final touch of si penjait for mother-dotter collection for 2010. This is Kak Liza own baju.
Last 2 post was for her dotter n this is hers. White satin ditatahkan sequin + pearls oleh si penjait. Motif "Sequin Flower & Pearl"

Crystal Oval

Also fr Kak Liza for her dotter - IRA.... Si penjait memilih "Crytal Oval"

Flower Sekuntum

This is fr Kak Liza a new cust of annie-fzbeads. For her dotter konvo. New pattern as well.
Brand new fr si penjait " Flower Sekuntum"

Tali Ayer

Ni pon corak faveret si penjait manik ini.... sgt everlasting n nmpk outstanding. Ni baju kak aini juge. Corak di jait ikut kata hati si penjait. And tadaaaaa.... "Everlasting tali ayer"

Phua Kumbu

This pic was captured b4 & after si penjahit completed the baju. *kengkonon pre & post*
She want a simple pattern n yet lawa katanye.... "Phua Kumbu" mnjd pilihan

Munge Chomel

New cust for annie-fzbeads. B4 this pernah htr tp longgggg time ago b4 this blog wujud.
She mintak si penjahit this pattern utk di jait di tgn sajeee....
Motifnye??? mistilah "Munge"

Sequin 4D

Digital crepe fr Lyn for Raya Haji 2010. Sadis story of this baju sequin out-of-stck.....
No choice beli lain color n jait smpai gigil2 tgn. Alhamdulillah managed to htr mlm Raya jugak @ Jln Gurney.
Motif " Sequin 4D" *not-the-Magnum* eh...